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Some lovely shots there Yuzuru, and a very impressive CV.
Looking forwards to meeting you soon.
Jessica Wolfe(non-registered)
Beautiful work!
Yuzuru Masuda Photography
Thank you very much to all of your heartwarming comments about my work. Tony, Mercedes, Maria, Dirk and Magriet, Christopher, Charlotte, Yoshirou, Mike, Dave, Olga, Caroline, Russ... Without the appreciation from people like you all, photography to me, has not much meaning!
Tony Randall(non-registered)
Not only an accomplished musician, but an exquisite photographer as well. Yuzuru, I have really enjoyed scouring through your images my friend, there is so much beauty to behold in our world if only we take a moment to stop and look around us we would all be humbled. Your work makes that abundantly clear. Power to ya.
Mercedes Rosello(non-registered)
Yuzuru, your photography is truly inspiring and a great tribute to the beauty, vulnerability and essential value of the ocean to the human soul. I would like to congratulate you not only on your amazing work, but on following your dreams and giving back such wonderful energy to the world.
maria baker
Truly stunning work. I feel proud to call you my friend.... Looking forward to seeing your Kruger photos.
Dirk Postma(non-registered)
How are you and did you travel safe with the Xtrail? I've enjoyed your underwater photos,but why are your Kgalagadi photos locked.

Dirk and Magriet
All I can say is whaoooo
Yuzuru Masuda Photography
Hi Charlotte, of course I remember you! Thank you for your comment here and I was so pleased to read such thorough details of what you felt from my photos. Nao said your performance the other day was excellent. I missed on that! Yes I will keep up with my work and will be updating my site time to time so please come visit again. Say hi to Alex for me. x
Charlotte Mooney(non-registered)
Hello Yuzuru, I don't know if you'll remember me, I'm friends with Nao, we performed together in Hang On and Amici and you did an Amici show with my partner Alex. I saw Nao the other day and she told me to check out your website. I am utterly blown away. Your photos capture such expression, I find them uncanny and beautiful and touching and funny. You have seen so much! Keep up the good work x
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