February 2021 - August 2021 - Wildstar Films for 2 x National Geographic Series, Currently in Production

January 2021 - Silverback Films for BBC, NHK & Discovery, Currently in Production

October 2020 - NHK World 'Wildlife', Currently in Production

September 2020 - NHK/Silverback Films for BBC, NHK and Discovery, Currently in Production

September 2019 - Silverback Films for BBC, Currently in Production



Netflix 'Night on Earth' Episode 5 'Sleepless City'

Time-lapse & Hyper-lapse for Plimsol Productions


BBC The One Show Wildlife Insert Film 'Grebes Under Siege' 05/02/2019

BBC The One Show Wildlife Insert Film 'Autumn Bounty' 14/11/2018


BBC Springwatch Two Part Short Films 04/06/2018



BBC Springwatch Two Part Short Films 28/05/2018


Mail Online 11th of May 2016

Cape Ground Squirrel in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, South Africa



BBC Discover Wildlife Magazine Online Gallery, May 2016

Nubian Ibex in Israel



Days Japan, April 2016

Article about Nubian Ibex in Mizpe Ramon, Israel



TV Horen und Sehen & TV14 2016



Comedy Wildlife Photography Award 2015

'Highly Commended'



Nature's Best Photography 20th Anniversary Edition/Exhibition




Nature's Best Photography 2014

Windland Smith Rice International Awards

'Highly Honored'




Lifescape Nature Magazine Jan 2015

Article and Image Publication



Eilat Red Sea Underwater Photography Competition 2014

Portfolio of 5 images in "Fish and Fashion Category"

1st Place



Eilat Red Sea Underwater Photography Competition 2013

Portfolio of 5 images in "Fish and Fashion Category"

1st Place


Easyjet In-flight Magazine

"Traveller-August 2013"

e Magazine LInk (Page 18-19)



The Telegraph

The Pictures of the Day: 14/05/2013



MSN Photos

"Moon Jellyfish in the Red Sea"  13/05/2013



Mail Online





"Shotline Underwater Images / Competition Winners" Feb 2013



Arkia Inflight Magazine "KAV RAKIA" Winter 2012/13


'Letsbewild' Online Adventure Magazine 


The article "In the Twilight with Alpine Ibexes" was featured as an adventure story.


HP Red Sea Underwater Photography Eilat Shootout Nov 2012

"Best Singular image" 1st Place


"Fashion Category" Nominated Portfolio of 5 Images


'Letsbewild' Online Adventure Magazine

'Photo of the Day'


"Nubian Ibex at Down"


'Letsbewild' Online Adventure Magazine

'Photo of the Day'


"Male Alpine Ibex at Sunset"


Male Alpine Ibex at DuskMale Alpine Ibex at DuskWhen the sun goes down behind the mountains, alpine ibexes come out to browse around the Lac Blanc. They spend most of the day in the higher altitude often found resting on the cliffs. The male ibex could reach 1meter in height and weigh up to 100kg. Due to their magnificent long horns, their appearance can seem larger when sighting them closely. Males stand on their hind legs to apply their full body weight to the horns to slam down their rivals when they spar for the territory in Autumn rut.


'Letsbewild' Online Adventure Magazine

'Photo of the Day' 


"In the Window of Heaven and Earth"



'Letsbewild' Online Adventure Magazine

'Photo of the Day'






'Letsbewild' Online Adventure Magazine

'Photo of the Day'


'UFO-Unidentified Floating Object'